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The Ghoast application allows you to find posts on all types of fashion directly from the shops in your area. It also keeps you updated with instant information about their latest offers, news, and sales. The app is designed to predict your needs and enhance your shopping experience. Try Ghoast today for free, and change the way you fashion shop forever.

What is Ghoast?

Simple Overview

Ghoast App

Ghoast is a two-way mobile application that can also be accessed via a website. As a user, you register before you can use the app. You can log in either as an individual user or as a shop. Individuals use the app to check out items on offer in their favourite local fashion stores, while shops use the app or a website to promote their products to prospective customers, posting information about sales, special offers, news and upcoming events. The app provides the perfect interactive platform for customers and stores alike, enhancing the shopping experience on both sides of the counter.

Powerful Features

Easy Search

Search easily and quickly for shops and posts. Explore options by date, category, shop, and post.

All shops

Every shop is listed by its posts, availability and GPS location.


See where the shops are and the best ways to get there

It's Awesome

Why choose this?

Latest Offers

Want to know what’s new in your local fashion stores? Like to find out about their latest special offers?

Store News

If you’d like to hear about upcoming events and breaking news from your favourite fashion stores, this is definitely the app for you!!!

Direct dealing

Use Ghoast to find posts directly from local shops dealing in all types of fashion. Get hold of instant information on the very latest special offers, fashion news, and sales. The app is designed to predict your likes and needs and enhance your fashion-shopping experience.


Awesome interface

Shop features

Information hub

Posting special offers, sales information, and news items has never been so quick and easy!

Full merging

Connect all your shops to one profile with limitless shop capacity

Free posts

7 free posts as soon as you register.

Cost Effective

Less than €1 per post

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Pricing Plans

Choose your plans



  • 5 posts + 1 FREE post



  • 10 posts + 4 FREE posts



  • 20 posts + 12 FREE posts


a. Tab host consists of 4 tabs, “valid today,” “sales,” “offers,” “news”, and “favourite posts.”
i. “Valid today” tab shows the posts which are valid ONLY for the present day.
ii. “Sales” tab shows sales posts from shops according to time of posting
iii. “offers” tab shows the offers posts from the shops according to time of posting
iv. “news” tab shows news posts from the shops according to post time
v. “favourite posts” tab shows all posts that the user considers as favourite

i. Red pins stand for sales
ii. Blue pins stand for offers
iii. Black pins stand for news. A user can get directions for individual shops by touch each of the pins.

The All Shops list contains all the shops within range of the user based on the GPS signal

The Favorite Shops list contains all the shops where you prefer to shop. You can add shops to the list or remove them whenever

a. First, you create a profile as a user which involves setting your credentials like email, password, and profile photo. a. First, create a user profile by supplying information including your email, a password, and a profile photo. b. Next, you can register your first shop by entering the details required in the registration form like the name of the shop, its address, its email, the phone number, Facebook address, shop website, the days it's open, working hours, and the brands sold in your shop. b. Next, register your first shop by completing the form provided with the shop’s name, address, email and phone number along with its Facebook page and the shop website, including opening times, working hours, and brands sold. c. After you have registered your first shop and log in, there is an option to add more shops or remove the existing ones if necessary. c. After you have registered your first shop and logged in, you can add more shops, which you can later remove if necessary.

The application allows you to receive push notifications in forms of messages that pop up on the top of the mobile device you are using. It is not necessary to have the application or be using the device for you to receive the notification. The notifications resemble SMS text messages and mobile alerts. They serve to inform you immediately about the posts made by your favorite shops (Shop name, details, and dates).

Search for any keyword to find the shops and posts you want to know more about. Use filters to quickly find particular posts in the tab host and see where the shops are on the map. Use the Range Bar, Select Categories, and Select Dates filters to refine your search.

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